Original Title : Dominés
Format : Short Film
Genre : Social Drama
Durée : 7 minutes 12
Date : Dec. 2013


 In Competition : Tous en Short Festival 2013
 Theme : Domino

Two children, Nora the sister and Niels the little brother, are playing at their babysitter’s home. During the day, they are overwhelmed with media’s informations and technology : smartphone, newspaper, television, radio and computer.

At the end, Nora makes confusion and recreates an original television news in her mind. Dominated shows how it’s too simple to manipulate information…


With : Nora & Niels Toscano, Matthieu Bonnin
Voice-Over :
Nathan Redinger & Benjamin Gianelli
Writer : Rita Clemens, Anna Faury, Manon Amand Houeix, Marie Lebrun, Maxime Garenne, Matthieu Bonnin & Anaïs De Souza
Assistant Director : Alexandre Peneau & Anaïs De Souza
Sound Operator :
Lucie Lemit & Jean Larregaray
Cameraman :
Maxime Garenne & Alexandre Peneau
Runner : 
Fabien Bergogne & Quentin Tessonneau
Editor :
Manon Amand Houeix & Anaïs De Souza
Colorist : 
Manon Amand Houeix & Alexandre Peneau
Motion Design :
Romain Segarizzi, Alban Judalet & Anaïs De Souza
Composer & Sound Mixor :
Guillaume Martin
Footsteps Editor : 
Julien Naudin & Benjamin Rolo