Dinner’s Ready !

Original Title : Je Suis à Table !
Format : Short Film
Genre : Comedy
Time : 2 minutes 20
Date : Dec. 2015


Dinner’s ready, is a short film which was in competition at Nikon Film Festival 2015.
 The theme was : I am a gesture.
 Rule : The short film can’t be more than 2 minutes 20.

Agathe and Louis are having a breakfast. At the same time, there are arguing each other. In consequence, they decide to go out tonight separately : Agathe is dinning with her mother whereas Louis is playing poker with his friends.

This film talks about the non-communication between two lovers. They are argue for nothing, talk what’s happening to their close relations and finally they are talk « as an adult » for the first time…


With : Jane Roques-Ficher, Théophile Charenat, Danièle Rezzi, Fiona Krikorian, Gabriel Ponthus & Baptiste Collion
Director :
 Anaïs De Souza
Writer : Matthieu Bonnin & Anaïs De Souza
1st Director’s Assistant : Garance Lebars
DOP & Colorist : Inès Amédéo
Editing : Anaïs De Souza
Composer & Sound mixor : Guillaume Martin