May I Kill U ?

Format : Fiction
Genre : Comedy / Horror / Thriller
Time : 1 h 27
Date : Jan. 2013


I worked during few months on the social networks campaign of this film. I had to create and program automatic tweets, Facebook posts, and so on. On the same time, I had to refresh the look with new Facebook banners.

MIKU FB Banner 1MIKU FB Banner 2 1.1FBMASKMIKU FB Banner 3 1.3FBMASKMIKU FB Banner 4

Baz is one of Britain’s new bicycle police, a figure of fun. But soon he will turn from cycle cop to psycho-path. As riots break out in London, a head injury skews Baz into a vigilante, offering criminals the choice of arrest or death. Baz sees his campaign as lawful killing. Lowlifes who are too stunned, confused, or drunk to argue when he politely asks, “May I kill you?” are merrily dispatched. All filmed on the helmet-cam and posted on social networks! Using the alter ego @N4cethelaw, Baz acquires thousands more fans with each killing, dispensing justice to scumbags, cleaning up society. In a sudden reversal, Baz is captured by an enraged relative of one of his presumed “kills”, and faces slaughter or – even worse – exposure.


Cast :
Kevin Bishop, Jack Doolan, Frances Barber, Hayley-Marie Axe, Kasia Koleczek,
Rosemary Leach, Ali Craig, Rachael Evelyn, Israel Oba & Jessica Jackson-Smith
Director & Writer : 
Stuart Urban
Composer : Haim Frank Ilfman
Cinematographer: Fernando Ruiz
Editor : Christopher C.F Chow & Fernando Ruiz
Production : 
Cyclops Vision

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