Preaching to the Perverted

Format : Fiction
Genre : Comedy Drama
Time : 1 h 40
Date : Feb. 1999


I worked during few months on the social networks campaign of this film. I had to create and program automatic tweets, Facebook posts, and so on. On the same time, I had to refresh the look with new Facebook banners.


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Minister on a moral crusade employs young computer whizzkid Peter to infiltrate the London S&M scene. Peter has to gather evidence of physical “assaults” in order for the Minister to prosecute and shut the scene down. But Peter gets unwittingly drawn into it and falls for the Mistress Tanya Cheex.


Cast : 
Guinevere Turner, Christian Anholt Tom Bell, Julie Graham, Georgina Hale, Julian Badham, Ricky Tomlinson, Roger Lloyd Pack
Director & Writer : 
Stuart Urban
Composer :  Magnus & Maya Fiennes
Cinematographer : Sam McCurdy
Editor : Julian Rodd